Here Are A Number Of Reasons Why
Many People are using Our Bidets.
Many of us have physical challenges that
make it impossible to clean ourselves.
Toilet Tissue, Alone, Cannot Get You
Dry wiping with toilet tissue, alone,  cannot
get you clean!  It always leaves bacteria
laden residues that cause odor and can also
lead to serious health issues.

We should remove these residues from
bodies, just as we would wash a baby's
bottom to prevent irritation, rash, sores, and
odor.  Think seriously about that!
Stroke Survivors are sometimes left with
impeded mobility.  Our Bidets can allow them the
freedom to clean themselves.  Our Bidets come
in  left, as well as right handed models.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often painfully
debilitating.  It is another reason some people
can't enjoy feeling really clean.

Age tends to bring on many age related
problems that can make us dependent on
others. These Bidets give us back our

Obesity tends to leave some people with arms
that are "too short" to enjoy good personal
hygiene.  Our Bidets help simplify the cleansing

Back Trouble?  It could be back, shoulder,
elbow, wrist, or any number of reasons we lose
range of motion.  Our Bidets make it easier to
keep ourselves clean.

The  "Bidet Boogie"  is  something  you
will  all  learn  as you use the Bidet.  It is
nothing more than wiggling your bottom
in  a circular  motion,  while  pushing the
flow  control  valve.  This  ensures  that
you are  fully  clean  before  patting  dry.

Postpartum Recovery is difficult enough.     
The gentle cleansing action of our Bidets
helps keep you clean during your healing

Young Women find our Bidets a blessing
during their monthly cycles.  They enjoy the
refreshingly clean feeling that can only be  
found through using our Bidets.

Children enjoy the freedom of taking care of
themselves.  They can also eliminate the "Skid
Marks" on their undies.

Assisted Living Home Caregivers
appreciate the cleansing action of the Bidets
while using them with their patients.  Our
Bidets  help some of  their patients  regain
their independence by allowing them to
cleanse themselves without any assistance.
Bidet Towels
Bidet Towels  are a pleasant change of pace.  
Simply put, when you have used the bidet, you
are clean enough to use a Bidet Towel.   Bidet
Towels are softer and gentler on your bottom
than dry scratchy toilet paper!

Simple ordinary wash cloths make great Bidet
Towels.  They can be used over and over, again.
They  should be changed regularly, but if you
should accidentally soil one, throw it in the
hamper and get a clean one.  

Each person should have their own individual
hook or hanging place, and their own separate
bidet towel.  Maybe, even their own special color.

Truthfully, I had a hard time using one the first
time.  It seemed strange after using toilet paper
for so many years.  Now I would rather not use
toilet tissue.
Guys, what can I say, I've been there.  
Because we are inherently different than the
fairer sex, we tend to wipe and wipe and wipe.

Wiping does not get you clean, but you do
use up a lot of toilet tissue in the process.  
Then you have to wait for the flushing cycle to
finish, so you can flush again.

Guys, with our bidet, you only have to press
the button for a few seconds, while doing the
"Bidet Boogie",  then pat dry using a lot less
toilet tissue.  You only have to flush once.  
Nice, huh?
Women & Girls
Assisted Living
Enhanced Sexual Intimacy!
Deep cleansing before and after
sexual intimacy may enhance your
sexual pleasure.