Instruction Page
Instructions for using The Pampered Tush Bidet:

Using our Bidet is very simple.  You don't have to wipe before using the Bidet.  While sitting on
the commode, after you have completed your "duty", push the flow control valve softly, or as
hard as you feel comfortable.   You control the force of the water jet.

While pushing the valve button, do the "Bidet Boogie".  This is nothing more than moving your
bottom gently, in a circular motion, allowing the water to cleanse the total area you want cleaned.

Women and girls only have to lean forward to thoroughly clean the vaginal area.  There is no
need of a separate nozzle, nor is there a need to move the nozzle around.  

When using a Bidet, it is necessary to know that  
you do not wipe.  Wiping the wet area will leave
bits and pieces of toilet tissue where you don't want them.  You only have to use a few squares.
Using approximately 8-10 squares of toilet tissue, pat the area dry.  How refreshing!  Now you
are done.

"Bidet Towels"

We recommend even greater savings and satisfaction to our customers by suggesting the use
of a "Bidet Towel".

Bidet Towels can be nothing more than  simple wash cloths.  Each person should have their
own hook and bidet towel (maybe even a different color).  

{A brief note:}  It was difficult for me to try a bidet towel.  It was something foreign and seemed
weird.   However, after giving it the initial try, I was very pleased.  I'll never go back to toilet

After using the Bidet, your bottom is clean.  Pat dry with a Bidet Towel and hang it back up to be
used again.  If you accidentally soil it, no problem,  throw it in the hamper with the dirty clothes  
and get a clean one.  They should be replaced regularly, anyway.

Bidet Towels are inexpensive and will not only save you hundreds of dollars on harsh toilet
tissue, they are much softer and more gentle on your tush.  

There are added benefits in using bidet towels, knowing that you are helping the environment
by using fewer trees and by releasing less effluent into the municipal water treatment facilities,
or your own septic tank.  

By not flushing so many times, you will also save, appreciably, on water costs.