Installation Page
Almost Anyone, Who Is Handy With Tools, Can Install Our
Bidets Following These Instructions.
Step 1

Turn off the toilet supply valve and
remove the hose to the toilet tank.
Step 2

Install the tee adapter to the toilet
supply valve and tighten.  If the tee
adapter doesn't fit, you will have to
install a new valve of the correct
size.  It is a 3/8" compression fitting.
Step 3

If your current hose is old and
stiff, replace it, and connect it
to the toilet tank and to the tee
adapter and tighten.
Step 4

Clean the area thoroughly.
Step 5 *
(See Below)
Set the bidet on the toilet, over
the holes, and push back all
the way.
Step 6

Reinsert the seat bolts through
the bidet and fasten tightly while
making sure the bidet is aligned
Step 7

Install the bidet hose to the bidet
and to the tee adapter and
tighten securely.  Turn on the
toilet supply valve.  Check for
any leaks before proceeding.
Step 8

Adjust the nozzle.  Make sure you
don't push the button without
something to deflect the water
into the toilet.  Adjust aim to hit
"the spot".  Women lean forward
to cleanse the vaginal area.
*  We recommend caulking around the
holes and edges of the bidet with silicone
caulking.  This prevents little boys from
spraying unwanted residues under the
bidet.  It also prevents cleaning products
from collecting under the bidet.

Silicone caulking can be removed easily if
you decide to move the bidet from one
toilet to another in the future.